• It is a very effective bio fertilizer for non-leguminous crops as it fixes atmospheric nitrogen into soil, avoids leaching losses of N and makes it available to plants.
  • It produces growth promoting substances such as IAA, GA, vitamins and cytokinins which supports plant growth. It also exhibits antifungal property which checks the growth of disease causing fungi.
  • It has synergistic effect on other beneficial organisms. It fixes about 15-20Kg Per/Acre of atmospheric nitrogen and saves up to 25% cost of nitrogenous fertilizers.
  • It is compatible with other bio fertilizers.

Base : Carrier based in form of moist/dry powder or granules, or liquid based.
Viable cell count: CFU minimum 5X10' cell/g. of carrier material or 1X108 cell/ml of liquid
Contamination level : No contamination at 10% dilution
pH : 6.5 – 7.5
Particle size in case of carrier based material : All material shall pass through 0.15 – 0.212mm IS Sieve
Moisture per cent by weight , maximum : 30 – 40%
Efficiency character : The strain should be capable of fixing at least 10 mg. of nitrogen per g. of sucrose consumed.