• USK Consortia –L biofertilizer is a bacterial inoculants containing free living atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria. Symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphate solubilizing bacteria and potassium mobilization bacteria.
  • Its application to crops gives combine benefits of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
  • It reduces cost of cultivation of crops.
  • It also provides benefits to next crop due to its residual effect.
  • It is useful for all crops.

Individual viable count in liquid based:

  • CFU minimum in mixture of any 2 or more of following microorganisms CFU minimum rhizobium or azotobacter or azospirillum 1 X108 per ml. 
  • CFU minimum PSB 1 X 108 per ml CFU minimum KSB 1 X108 per ml.

Efficiency character:

  • Azotobacter: stain should be capable of fixing at least 10 mg N fixation /g of C-source.
  • PSB: Minimum 5 mm zone of solubilization zone on PSB media having at least 3 mm thickness.
  • KMB: Minimum 5mm zone of solubilization on KSB media having at least 3 mm thickness.

Dose of Application: During crop season two times at the rate of 1-2 ltr. Per acre.
Total viable count of all the biofertilizer organisms in the product: CFU minimum 5 X 108 cells per of liquid based.
Contamination: No contamination at any dilution.
PH : 5.0-7.0.