USK Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria (ZSB) 

  • It is a biofertilizer containing effective strains of zinc solubilizing bacteria.
  • It is used to mobilize soil fixed zinc and make it available to plants. 
  • It secretes organic acids which solubilizes zinc in plant available form.
  • It lowers pH of soil and helps in reclaiming alkaline soils. 
  • It is eco friendly and compatible with other biofertilizers. 

Base : Carrier based in form of moist/dry powder or granules, or liquid based. 
Viable cell count : CFU minimum 5X10' cell/g. of powder, granules or carrier material on dry weight basis or 1X108 cell/ml of liquid. 
Contamination : No contamination at 10° dilution 
pH: 6.5 – 7.5 for carrier based in form of powder or granules & 5.0 – 7.5 for liquid based. 
Particle size in case of carrier based material : Powder material shall pass through 0.15 – 0.212mm IS Sieve.
Moisture per cent by weight maximum in case of carrier based : 30– 40%
Efficiency character : Minimum 10 mm solubilization zone in prescribed media having at least 3 mm thickness.