Chelated Fe EDDHA 6%

  • Preventive & Curative treatment for soil application to correct ferrous deficiency
  • EDDHA Green contains iron chelated with EDDHA.
  • It provides iron to plants for growth and development and helps in prevention of iron chlorosis.
  • It is 100% soluble in water.
  • It remains stable in pH range up to 10 and not affected by Bicarbonate and supplies iron in available from to plants.
  • It helps to overcome iron deficiency in alkaline and calcareous soils.

Recommended Crops: Fruit crops, Flower crops, Vegetable, Field Crops, Ornamentals, Etc.
Compatibility: EDDHA Green is compatible with all common plant protection agents, except strongly alkaline products and minerals oils. Perform a jar test before use for checking compatibility.

Recommended Dose:
Soil Spray application: Spray the solution uniformly on the soil surface preferably before rain or irrigation (foliar application is not recommended).
Drip irrigation: Use EDDHA Green for fruit crops, ornamentals, vegetable and garden plants through drip irrigation @500-1000 gm/acre to correct ferrous deficiency.
Recommended dose varies from crop requirement and soil condition.

Chemical Composition:

Chelated Fe EDDHA 6%