Pragati Sprinkler Irrigation Systems is useful for all types of soil. Due to use of particular type of nozzle water will be scattered all over in same quantity. And soil damping will be same in all area. That?s why crops also grow of good quality
This system also useful for water saving. It is done up to 30 to 50% for maintaining this system in farm we don?t need to build the farm in such a fashion. This system will mount in each type of farm more easily. This system also useful for each season and deals easily. That?s why the production rate automatically increased and due to this it is profitable too. The use of particular type of material delete for sprinkler pipe production the pipes having long life without any bad effect.
The advantages get from Pragati Sprinkler System
1. Pragati sprinkler system is useful for crops such as Vegetables, Sugarcane, Cereal, Legumes, tea & coffee also.
2. It is useful for water saving up to 30 to 50%.
3. Pragati Sprinkler system is very useful for upgrading the quality of crops and due to this the production & profit also increased up to 40%.
4. With the help of Pragati Sprinkler system most of the area will be dampin